Ressac, European concert

Thanks to Tony Gerber, who was playing in it, most of today’s set will be about the live that happened in Finland’s Karelian Skies 2015 event, having a bunch of local and foreign artists involved… Let’s hope to maybe have more of those some day...

Ressac on a break

Just a week off to do this and that… No set today, thanks and see you all next week. have a nice week end !

Ressac, tapes and dark times

To follow what i had for a part of the set last week, some time spent in a room at night listening to music going back to the cassette… Cousin Silas / Niles Frantz collaboration and Loneward will fill the 2h, along with maybe some last minute tracks in...

Ressac after impromptu thursday

well, i had some last minute set yesterday, played some tracks from recently added list in Spud, so, why not keeping that for today as well… Sydalesis will fill most of the 2h, for some sequencer based tracks… tune in at 6pm pst on


Both known artists in the long list we have, Tony Gerber and Robert Rich play for 30 + years, mixing electronics and acoustic instruments… Tony just released some new works that have been played last week, and his most recent one for which he called Massood Taj...