Please read the waiver agreement below carefully. When you sign the submission form, you are entering into a legally binding agreement and should be aware of what you are signing. Make very sure that when you choose whether your music is Creative Commons or Commercial License, you are sure which it is! If unsure, choose a Commercial License.

  1. You give RadioSpiral permission to freely play all your music on RadioSpiral, including individual show podcasts, waiving all royalties and license fees, so long as we remain non-commercial.
  2. This agreement does not in any way imply a transfer of ownership of any of your rights as an artist and copyright holder. You are simply granting us permission to play your music on our stream without cost.
  3. RadioSpiral promises to attribute the music to you and to link back to your web site whenever possible.
  4. You promise that if you are or become a member of any Performing Rights Organization, such as ASCAP, BMI, etc., that you will file all necessary documentation with them establishing your waiver with us.
  5. You promise that if we play your music on RadioSpiral, no one is going to come to RadioSpiral at a later date demanding royalties or license fees.
  6. The agreement can be terminated at any time simply by notifying us. We do ask for 30 days notice so we have time to remove your music from our playlists. There is no cost for termination.

We are sorry that we have no choice but to clearly document permission, but as a not-for-profit station, we have to ensure that we have a legal right to play your music.

Please read carefully. This is a legal and binding agreement, so do not sign until you are certain you have met all requirements and are comfortable with the terms of the agreement!

If you are comfortable with the terms of this agreement, please sign on the Submission form that you have read, understand, and accept this waiver.

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