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Hosted by: Jan Ross
Genres: Ambient , Electronica

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Timezone: PDT [UTC-7]
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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A bit of wind, some salt in the air… Come enjoy music picked here and there, following the random sea movements on the coast… hosted by Jan Ross, aka JANPOOH!



still being a bit not decided about the tracklist, today will feature the latest Jack Hertz release Ankh and i’m still digging in to find what else will fill the remaining time… anyway, there will be a 2h set starting at 6pm pst on and   […]
Thanks to Tony Gerber, who was playing in it, most of today’s set will be about the live that happened in Finland’s Karelian Skies 2015 event, having a bunch of local and foreign artists involved… Let’s hope to maybe have more of those some day but till then, it will be at 6pm PST for […] […]
well, i had some last minute set yesterday, played some tracks from recently added list in Spud, so, why not keeping that for today as well… Sydalesis will fill most of the 2h, for some sequencer based tracks… tune in at 6pm pst on or […]
Both known artists in the long list we have, Tony Gerber and Robert Rich play for 30 + years, mixing electronics and acoustic instruments… Tony just released some new works that have been played last week, and his most recent one for which he called Massood Taj will be in tracklist today along with some […] […]
Almost a last minute announce… I have to cancel but there’s still next weeks, see you soon all   […]
Well, tech is not helping this week but i’ll still try to have a show at 6pm, playing more of the spheric lounge releases along with an album from Solitaire (Elmar Shulte) from 1992, it will be a bit difficult today, things should be back to normal next time… listen from the site or […]
It’s not the first time I’ll play those but with 300 tracks in the list i got, well, why not… the site I found ( is not really giving recent information, that will just make me play tracks starting in 2004. tune in at 6pm pacific time for 2h of what that team did. […]
The big world keeps me busy this week, see you all for the next one… […]