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Hosted by: Equinox Deschanel
Genres: Ambient , Electronica

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Timezone: PDT [UTC-7]
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Listen for Etheric Currents every Monday. Host Equinox Deschanel (aka Joe McMahon IRL) explores the RadioSpiral library, looking for both seldom-heard gems and audience favorites, mining the vast reaches of Creative Commons music, and may indulge in an occasional Equinoctal improvisation from time to time. With a relaxing combo of beats and ambience, we hope you’ll tune in, groove a bit, and relax.



Tonight will be quite special, featuring the early (90s – early 2000s) works of Altus – before even being known as Altus! I don’t have any history behind the tracks, but I can say for certain they were produced before his more famous drifty tracks were. The files are in an early format collectively known […] […]

Tonight we’re playing the latest album from a new RadioSpiral artist, Subtle Shift: Farshadow. Laid-back beats and ambience combined; sink in and soak it up. The second half is tracks with titles, artists, or album names that reference the track titles from Farshadow, with music from EugeneKha, Alpha Wave Movement, Jack Hertz, and Kit Watkins. […] […]
This week’s tracks are inspired by a moment of synchronicity: a friend of Equinox had a dream about a box that made music from numbers stations, drones, and radio; at the same time Equinox had been assembling a performance in AUM that was eerily similar. Tonight we’ll hear that piece (maybe live, depending on Equinox’s […] […]
Equinox’s computer, or disk, or network, or something, is still not letting him broadcast, so Mr. Spiral is covering for him tonight. He’s not sure what he will be playing, but at least part of the show if not all of it will be live! Second Life location TBD, but for our Discord as […] […]
First: Juta Takahashi’s birthday was this weekend, so we’ll have a track from him, but we’re also going to have a bunch of new tracks from two new albums by 4T Thieves, a new album of remixes of tracks from Virtually J, and two releases from VKRS: Triple Alpha Process and BIM. We’ll be at Mermaid’s Cove at […] […]
On this episode, we’ll be hearing tracks from a compilation on the VKRS netlabel. I stumbled across this label while looking for more music from The Morandi Experiment; VKRS has a number of compilations available on, and I’ll be looking though them over the next few weeks for new music and artists we’ve not […] […]
Tonight will be quite special, featuring the early (90s – early 2000s) works of Altus – before even being known as Altus!     […]

Pemungkah/Equinox Deschanel; Chat Tech (Plays with Spud) […]