RadioSpiral features hosted shows every day of the week, and sometimes more than one show in a day.

  • Hosted by Equinox Deschanel (Joe McMahon)
    Mondays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
    A relaxing combo of beats and ambience. Tune in, groove a bit, and relax... […]
  • Hosted by Mr. Spiral/Spiral Sands (Mike Metlay)
    Tuesdays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
    Seltzer, soundscapes, Rants, Kvetches, and WAAAAAAAY too much reverb... […]
  • Hosted by DJ Cosmos Wednesdays 12-2pm PST/SLT Exploring the RadioSpiral music library and other copyleft music, built around space exploration and associated concepts. […]
  • Hosted by Gypsy Witch (Diana Smethurst)
    Wednesdays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
    Taking a theme each week, the titles of the tracks represent the theme and tell their own kind of story... […]
  • Hosted by Jan Ross
    Fridays 6-8pm Pacific/SLT
    A bit of wind, some salt in the air... […]
  • Paul Harriman
    Hosted by EdisonRex (Paul Harriman)
    Alternating Saturdays 3-5pm Pacific/SLT
    Two hours of fantastic live improvisation... […]
  • Hosted by Kyizl (pronounced "Kīzl")
    Alternating Saturdays 3-5pm Pacific/SLT
    DJ-style livemixed electronica... […]



In addition, we often host live performances from festivals, and our quarterly live music marathons.




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