RadioSpiral is one of very few radio stations to offer a persistent presence in Second Life, the virtual world. We own a small parcel of land where we offer themed holodeck sets (yes, holodecks do exist in Second Life – sound effects as well!), so you never quite know what setting you’ll be in when you come along for a show!

Most of our hosted shows will find a host in Second Life too, so if you have an avatar and want to experience the music with us virtually, you are more than welcome. We cater for all sizes and shapes of avatars and offer dancing and seating facilities for most sizes.

If all of this seems a bit odd or complex for you, never fear, as we are always in our Slack chat room and you can listen in “real life” instead (or as well!).

Fancy trying us out, virtually? Then visit the Second Life website to get your free avatar and ask Gypsyw1tch Resident for a teleport (also a thing in Second Life). You can also browse via a regular browser to to get the coordinates to our headquarters.

Do you have some land in Second Life? If you do, then you can stream our station 24/7 by putting this URL into your parcel sound settings –

If you’re not sure how to do this, contact Gypsy and she’ll help. She’s even putting together a video tutorial series, and recording regular live shows from Second Life put on by some of our program hosts with special guests. 

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