Well good news all, I finally got my medical release to return to work! Tonight we celebrate with more EKtoplazm and a live Kerchunkage so be sure to tune in!  

Tonight on Spiral: Elevenses!

It’s Eleven Eleven, November the 11th (Ronnie 1: “Really? What year?” Ronnie 2: “Every year.”) and tonight we’re featuring some elevensish music! We have tracks from Palancar, Phillip Wilkerson, Skoddie, Robert Dorschel (with and...
Elevator Music

Elevator Music

At long last! It’s time for the “Elevator Music” challenge episode! We have some GREAT entries for it, too! Join us @RadioSpiral starting at 12 noon Pacific/SLT for At Water’s Edge: Elevator Music!

SFM Show #3

It’s Ambient Wednesday! This week’s featured musical artist is Umlaut, the brainchild of Todd Gerber, brother of Tony Gerber. He also has a couple of other projects we may explore, including his legendary, “Dinah Shore, Jr.” project. Our featured artists will appear...

Ambient Pirate Raid – starting now!

Well, I am going to defy the gods of electronic music who didn’t want to hear my last broadcast and attempt another one, this time as an impromptu live concert with no announcement.  A pirate raid!  Arrrr. If you have nothing going on and want to hear some live...