Here in Colorado, we’ve finally left the coldest and wettest Spring in historical record (at least as far back as the 1870s) and are into the hot, dry, sparklingly sunny days of Summer. The Solstice is tomorrow, but you know, that’s more Gypsy Witch’s thing than mine… so tonight, I’m just going to play some more of the sequency Berlin School tracks I’ve been grooving on lately.

In our first hour, we’ll hear from Ombient, Ajnia, Altus, EugeneKha, Alpha Wave Movement, Geronimo, Sonic Research Society, Quackpipe, and Reii, and in our second hour I’ll play tracks by Modern Crusader, Fritz Mayr, Point Loma (aka Bostich for you Nortec fans out there), Jack Hertz, Imaginary Landscape, Sequentia Legenda, STAN DART, and Rick Fenn & Jim Ottaway.

Come join the chat in our Discord (remember, go to to join the server – you only have to do it once – and to participate), or join us in Second Life (not sure which holodeck this time), or just listen in. The fun starts at 6 PM PDT / SLT. See you then!

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