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On tonight’s Meander, Mr. Spiral will host from a lonely hotel room somewhere in North America, and will attempt to salve the silence with the most outrageously wordy titles he can come up with. This will include tracks by Cousin Silas, Mika Pontecorvo, mind8Spiral, Dimitris Tsironis, ontol, Flavigula, Plexus, and of course the ultimate master of long titles, Wings of an Angel (with both Scott Lawlor and Tziona Achishena).

We will be playing tracks such as “I remember the moment so clearly that I may not have been there”, “A Motorbike Trundles Westwards Along the Inner Curve of Christian Newman’s Fossilized Skull”, “Stuck Inside The Spaceport At 3am With No Penny For The Pisspot Blues”, and “The More Time We Spend Online, the More Likely we are To Have Intimate Relationships With Anthropomorphic Sex Toys”.

What does this music sound like? Who knows? Tune in and find out for yourself.

The fun begins at 6 PM PDT / SLT. Join us on Discord or in Second Life, or just listen in… but don’t blame us if your media player software chokes on the metadata.

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