Thanks to the generosity of festival organizer Otso Pakarinen, there’s now a chance for folks who didn’t hear the Karelian Skies 2018 concert when it was broadcast live a couple of weeks ago to hear it again. This is the live raw stream, board mixed and with no edits or overdubs, just as the live audience heard it in Nurmes-Talo in Finland on that magical night.

Thrill to performances by Antara Annemarie Borg, Petri Frestadius, Tony Gerber, Kimmo Kivela, John Krikawa, Polly Moller Springhorn, Otso Pakarinen, Giles Reaves, Nick Rothwell, Tim Walters, and Mr Spiral hisownself Mike Metlay! Learn the mysteries of THX-1138’s nextdoor neighbors! Find out if trains can float! Virtually visit the Finnish countryside, real and imagined! And wonder at the miracle of autotranslation turning a perfectly ordinary Facebook post into a hauntingly surreal love song!

Eventually there will be an edited video release with remixes from the multitracks, and maybe even an official album replacing some of the live concert takes with dress rehearsal takes (where, on a few occasions, the performance was much tighter). But for now, come join us, relive the evening with warts and all (and one VERY funny piece of proof that yeah, it was live), chat along and get commentary from Mr Spiral — shown in the photo above jamming on the Artiphon Instrument 1 — on how the concert came to be.

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