We continue our showcasing of the coolest new music to come our way this year, with a selection of tracks mostly leaning toward drone and drift. Mostly. Tonight we’ll hear the newest from Disturbed Earth, Sea Of Ghouls… written by Dean Richards in memory of his recently departed mother. We’ll also check out Twang 002, the latest from Cousin Silas, as well as new tracks from Meg Bowles, Phillip Wilkerson, James Shain, Edmahnd, and Simon Wilkinson. I’ll also play a drone-and-drift Live Ambient Rant… more of an Ambient Mumble, I suppose.

You know the drill: the fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT on https://radiospiral.net (listen with our widget, or via TuneIn). You can join the chat in Slack, or pop by in digital form to the Orlov sim in Second Life and hang with my avatar Spiral Sands and the other virtual cool kids. See you there… and bring your Drone Shorts!

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