Yes, dear friends, the two biggest wieners in the world of ambient music are together again! Join Mike Metlay and Allen Goodman for two hours of live ambient improv, as they attempt to stay awake after stuffing themselves at a backyard barbecue. You’ll hear lovely melodies, smashing rhythms, deep drones—and maybe even something approaching good music—over two crazy hours tonight!

Mike will probably not have a show next Sunday night, because he will be playing at Drew Miller’s Friends and Family Fest in Denver. The plan is to stream the whole festival over many hours, assuming we can get a good enough network connection to stream reliably. (If we do, it starts at 2 PM SLT on Sunday September 2, with Mr. Spiral himself as the opening act. Mark your calendars.)

The following weekend, from September 7 through September 9 (pre-empting all RadioSpiral programming for those three days, including Edison’s Electronic Review, At Water’s Edge, and Spiral), we will be streaming the NEEMfest Electronic Music festival, thanks to the hard work of Rebekkah Hilgraves. Mike will be off that evening as well.

That means no Spiral for a while…. so get in Slack chat, get on Second Life, and get your burgers and dogs ready for the flames, ’cause no matter what happens over the next few weeks, tonight the boys are barbecuin’! Be there or be condemned to the audio equivalent of frozen pizza.