It’s the holidays once more, and time for an annual tradition on Spiral: our colection of electronic, ambient, and experimental holiday music! Tune in for a fabulous selection of tracks that we can pretty much guarantee you’ve never heard before (unless last year’s show made you a fan already!).

First up: the music of Dan Phillips, who’s made an annual tradition of creating holiday song parodies and mashups, putting traditional holiday fare into the food mill with 1980s synthpop tunes and seeing what comes out. We’re not sure if Dan will get us his 2018 creation under the wire, but even without that track, we have at least two songs our audience won’t have heard last year.

And then, it’s time for a very Doubtful Christmas. Tim Walters has been creating annual holiday songs for over 20 years now, both solo and in various bands, projects, and aliases like Shalmaneser, Slaw, Pledge Drive, Mercaptan, Conjure Wife, The Damnation Army, and Circular Firing Squad. Tonight, we hit you with ALL of them. Hang onto your eggnog, kiddies, it’s gonna be a fun night!

As always, the fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM on, and in the Orlov sim in Second Life (we’ll be at ground level enjoying the snow and ice). See you there!