It’s Eleven Eleven, November the 11th (Ronnie 1: “Really? What year?” Ronnie 2: “Every year.”) and tonight we’re featuring some elevensish music! We have tracks from Palancar, Phillip Wilkerson, Skoddie, Robert Dorschel (with and without Jeremy DePrisco!), Art Sonic, and Rigel Orionis. Lots of drift and some pleasantly rhythmic stuff, too.

In addition, at the top of our second hour, Mr. Spiral will attempt to do a Live Ambient Rant. Here’s the challenge, though: as of right now (five hours before showtime), Subterranean Scumbarge Studio is in pieces on the floor of an empty room. Literally nothing is hooked up, not even the mic he needs to do voiceovers. So tonight’s improv will be done with whatever is hooked up in time for the show, and right now, Mr. Spiral has no freakin’ idea what that will be. So anything can happen…!

You know the drill: we go live at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT on — tune in for the music and join us live in Slack chat as well. If you’re in Second Life, we’ll be in the main studio on the beach in Orlov sim, down at ground level to enjoy the sunset. Either way, we hope to see you there!

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