This week, Spiral begins a multiweek journey into cities. These large collections of people are one of the defining elements of human civilization—no one else does this sort of thing (unless you’re an insect). They bring wonder, fear, excitement, desolation, and hope… and ambient musicians take a lot of inspiration from them.

Join me as we begin our journey into the City Of Ambience with music by Cloudwalk, Michael Brückner, Electronic Sound Project, Palancar, Marc Atmost, ontol, EugeneKha, Martin Neuhold & Wolfgang Gsell, The Roboter, and Point Loma… as well as the amazing City Of Ashes by Altus, played in its entirety in the second hour.

As always, the fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM on, and in the Orlov sim in Second Life (Spring isn’t quite here yet, but we’ll pick a holodeck that’s not too chilly). See you there!

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