Studio’s a shambles, still in the midst of a rebuild. No problem, I sez to myself, sez I. I’m moving my show to Monday nights at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT, so I have all day to fix things…

…except I don’t. That’s next week, after our huge all-day live event on March 23. I’m still up tonight.

Wait. I’m still up tonight?! Aaaaaaagh!

Oh well, get a minimal setup working, maybe have something available for a Rant and maybe not, and invite listeners (looking at you, Jan!) to suggest songs, albums, and artists from our library to play. To quote the only sensible thing Bill O’Reilly ever said: “We’ll do it live! F*ck it!”

“Chop suey” comes from the Chinese phrase xia cui (according to one version of the tale), meaning “various things”. Come discuss this with us and ask for songs, and I’ll play my heart out for y’all on this, my last Sunday Spiral!

We do hope you’ll join us in Slack chat and in Second Life, and stick around for Tony Gerber‘s show immediately afterward—as of next Sunday, he’ll be moving forward into my old slot so he can reach a wider audience, and I hope you’ll all stick with him for the move!

As always, the fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM on, and in the Orlov sim in Second Life. See you there!

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