On tonight’s Meander, we introduce our listeners to the remarkable, eclectic netlabel Hortus Conclusus. With offerings ranging from melodic and serene atmospheres to dark mechanical drones to the harshest of industrial mayhem, Hortus Conclusus is all over the creative map… but with enough digging, you can find some really beautiful stuff. Tonight I’ll do some of that for you by presenting selections from two of the label’s wide-ranging compilation albums.

We’ll start with Behemoth, a collaboration between Hortus Conclusus and the excellent Petroglyph netlabel. We’ll hear tracks from eisenlager, Pixyblink, Shadows On The Snow, Hilyard, Robert G. Rough, and VAULT. Deep dark textures with flashes of rhythm and noise, for heavy contemplation.

In our second hour, after a Live Ambient microRant, we’ll hear selections from HCR 100, the compilation celebrating the label’s hundredth release. Tracks from Dawn Tuesday, Øystein Jorgensen, Cousin Silas, Javier Bilbao, Bunker Palace, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Peninsolar/Taisouego, Earthborn Visions, M.NOMIZED, and Mimmo D’Ippolito. Rather than describe these tracks, I’ll let the release liner notes do the talking:

“The team of Hortus Conclusus Records mark a milestone and decided to celebrate their 100th release with this special compilation album graced by 26 tracks arised from the creativity and compelling talent of 28 great Artists most of which have been previously collaborators of the label. The sophisticated sonic flower blossomed from these eclectic celebrations presents itself as a colorful and heterogeneous panorama in which all the artistic personalities involved are intertwined with the breath of their own strong individuality yet embraced in perfect unity and harmonious coherence. A magnificent excursion among a multitude of pentagrammed rivers in which the listener can dive (or drown) into mercurial soundscapes envelopped by an organic/synthetic musical sybaritism. To crown in the most fascinating way this artistic embrace, the cover art has been created by the visionary inspiration of the magnificent photographer Linda De Luca with the model Noemi Peluso.”

Words fail me. But the music doesn’t. (I hope.) See you all at 9/8/7/6 PM in the usual haunts…

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