I can’t remember the last time I’ve hosted a show on the Fourth of July. It certainly hasn’t happened since RadioSpiral launched in 2016. Since I’m past the age where fighting my way through traffic to see fireworks with the kids was a thing, and am now firmly of an age where I stay at home, try to ignore the explosions outside, and keep an eye open for neighbor kids igniting my roof, I have no problems running a show.

That said, what should a show on the Fourth be about? Freedom?

Sure, why not? There are many kinds of freedom: political, spiritual, religious, personal, mathematical… why not honor them all? So that’s what I’ll do. Tonight, we’ll hear songs about freedom by Maximum Movement Theatre, Palancar, Sayana, Larry Gaab, Julien Mier, Ancient Astronaut, Plexus, Tony Gerber & Phil Keaggy, Kit Watkins, Altus, and Gregg Plummer,┬áplus a very freeform Live Ambient Rant in our second half, plus tracks from QX#55 and Saul Stokes about fireworks, because hey, fireworks

The fun begins at 6 PM PDT / SLT. Join us in Discord, at our booth at the Second Life 20th Birthday event, or just listen in and enjoy… you’re free to do what you like. See what I did there?


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