A professional concert pianist living in France, Sandia Beaumont (SL) enjoys exploring new artistic repertoire, meeting audience members informally and the international artistic collaborations made possible in virtual reality. She has found that artistic expression within virtual reality has enriched and informed her music and concert program planning. She has been working with jazz improvisation, new compositions, and incorporating electronics into her work.

In today’s concert, Sandia will play her interpretations of Haydn, Duke Ellington, Chopin, Horace Silver, Hoagy Carmichael, and some romantic movie music from the 50’s. She’s a fantastic performer and not someone you’ll want to miss!

Tune in at 4/3/2/1 PM E/C/M/PDT today (in just a few minutes), join us in Chat, or pop into Second Life at the Orlov sim to “meet” Sandia and her amazing glass piano!