The ElectroZone, an exceptionally fine bunch of electronic musicians around the world very loosely cat-herded by the endlessly patient Elijah Joseph Weber-Han, is celebrating the end of this incredible dumpster fire known as 2020 with a 6-day ceremony of musical executions of the year for its crimes against, well, pretty much everybody. This is Day 4 of The Execution Of 2020, and Mr. Spiral is on the bill!

While I will be transmitting on RadioSpiral per usual at my usual time (9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PST), the festivities actually begin a lot earlier (at 7/6/5/4 PM) and will go for several hours, alternating live performances like mine with videotaped presentations, with the Twitch stream reset from artist to artist as we go. The schedule’s pretty loose, so while I am nominally supposed to start making music right at my usual start time, the odds are good that things will slip one way or another. So…

My best recommendation is that folks tune in on Twitch and hear the great artists on tonight’s bill as soon as they can, and just follow the music and visuals throughout the evening, with my music popping up whenever it does. Listeners who want to just do the usual RadioSpiral thing will have to put up with the show perhaps not starting on time or having started a little earlier… I will try to play for my full two hours, but only about half of that will be on the Twitch stream. (In retrospect, I really should have scheduled this for a night when there was no RadioSpiral programming, but oh well what the hell, this is how we learn, right?)

The video stream will come live from Second Life, featuring my avatar Spiral Sands banging away on virtual synthesizers with a ragtag bunch of avatars in the audience making as much noise as they possibly can… it won’t be a slick as the beautiful presentation Gypsy Witch coordinated last month, but hopefully it’ll still be fun to watch Spiral performing on a concert stage that’s in the process of being sucked into a black hole — chairs, floor tiles, audience and all!

Click here to jump to the ElectroZone Twitch channel:

Come along and hear Mr. Spiral help to put a stake in 2020’s heart!