Tonight on Meander, Dr. Mike will be donning the virtual costume of his avatar Spiral Sands to perform on the Tesla Park Concert Stage in Second Life. This one-hour concert benefits the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life charity drive, as part of Second Life’s 12th annual SciFi Con. Most of our Second Life listeners already have a teleport landmark for the RadioSpiral booth in the Tomorrowland sim (gotta love atompunk), and the ground floor of our booth has landmark-givers for the Tesla Park stage.

NOTE that despite the boilerplate text that will be added to the bottom of this notification, the concert will start an hour later than usual, at 10/9/8/7 PME/C/M/PDT. Because Mike will be prepping for his live set beforehand (it’s not easy setting up a floating spinning glowing neon keyboard stack, you know!), the first hour of his normal show slot will be filled by Spud, our trusty ambient robot.

If you’re not in Second Life, that’s fine: the concert will be streamed live on RadioSpiral at that time. You can hang out in Slack chat even though Mike can’t be there, or just listen in… but you’ll want to be there, if only to hear Mr. Spiral’s rendition of the Trololo Song.

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