Hi all. This week, the virtual world of Second Life will be holding a huge Sci Fi Con with the virtual equivalent of everything that makes cons fun (fun booths, activities, special events of all kinds) and none of what makes cons not-fun (waiting in line, expensive food, fellow visitors who seem to think that a con means not bathing for a week). And when you’re not constrained by the laws of biology or physics, cosplay options are pretty amazing, too.

This is a charity event, with donations going to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Throughout the week, I (and other RadioSpiral artists) will perform in our booth and do shows from there. Here’s the SLURL:


I played one barely-advertised show at the Main Stage and it was PACKED. So I’m not missing out on the chance to reach out and tell more people about RadioSpiral. To that end, after Tony’s show tonight, at roughly 10/9/8/7 PM E/C/M/PDT, I will jump on the airwaves and jam for an hour.

If you can’t make it inworld, you can still listen in on our stream and join Slack chat; if you can, come on over! See you in half an hour.

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