Hi, gang. Yep, tonight’s the night — Meander moves to Tuesdays at 9/8/7/6PM E/C/M/PT. Same great programming, but in a time slot that works way better for me personally – and is easier to remember, as it’s now at the same time as Around The Campfire (Wednesdays), Space For Music (Thursdays), and Ambient Sundays (derp).

After weeks of announcements, this show almost didn’t happen. As it turns out, I’m on a massive work deadline, but there seems to be JUST enough of a lull in my schedule to slip in tonight’s show, with music by Boogie Belgique, deeB, and Church of Hed… and maybe even a Live Ambient slantRant!

Please join me in Slack chat or in the Orlov sim in Second Life, tonight at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT on radiospiral.net. See you there.

Also: a reminder that this Saturday, starting at 3/2/1/12 PM and going for eight hours, we’re having our live all-day Halloween live concert special. In Second Life, it’s HallowSTEAM, with a fun Steampunk theme, and we’re featuring music by Gypsy Witch (Diana Smethurst), skr0!nK (Rebekkah Hilgraves), EdisonRex (Paul Harriman), Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber), Thain Darkes (Mike Hunter), and Spiral Sands (me) — as well as a live worldwide drone jam where I’ll be taking in and mixing music from contributors all over the world (details forthcoming).

Even if you can’t make it into Second Life, come by and chat in Slack and listen to the music. We’ll be live all day!

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