We have one more week’s worth of songs with 3-letter titles to go. The last two shows were a lot of fun and very well received, and with two hours of music with 3-letter English words as titles, we’ll finish things off with a pop tonight! (Why not with a bang? Because that’s too many letters.)

For the first time in this series, we’ll hear from Robert Rich, John Wiggins, Wolfgang Gsell, The Silver Wizard, Grégoire Lourme, Erik Wøllo, Parityflux, Altus, embral, and Eisenlager, with return engagements from Jack Hertz, Gregg Plummer, Pamplemousse, and Bing Satellites.

Feel the realness of the threeness in Second Life or Slack chat at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT on radiospiral.net. We hope to see you there!

Oh, speaking of seeing you at a certain time: with Allen Goodman on hiatus from Ambitar Radio for a while longer (and when he does come back, having a more flexible schedule than I have, with recent changes in family scheduling around Casa Metlay), I’ve gotten his blessing to move into his slot. Starting on October 22, Meander will move to Tuesday nights at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. Same great programming, but in a time slot that works way better for me personally – and is easier to remember, as it’s the same time now as Around The Campfire, Space For Music, and Ambient Sundays. I hope folks won’t mind making the jump with me!

And by the way, time to mark your calendars: on Saturday, October 26, RadioSpiral will have its all-day Halloween concert – details to follow!

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