On tonight’s show, we resume our listenthrough of a wide variety of music whose creators felt it needed no more than a few letters as a title. Three, to be exact — in particular, this week, 3-letter acronyms and 3-letter words in languages other than English.

Bing Satellites, Kuutana, and Christopher Alvarado return from last time, and we’ll also feature tracks from Mike Andrews, Karl Fury, Team Metlay, John Dyson, Jack Hertz, Gregg Plummer, Palancar, Boogie Belgique, and Silvercord, as well as another Live Ambient slantRant.

Join us in Second Life or Slack chat at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT on radiospiral.net, and groove to the lack of verbosity abounding!

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