Daniel Robert Lahey, aka Tonalchemy, has been a quiet but steadfast supporter of RadioSpiral for a long time now, both in the real world and now in Second Life.

He’s also a fantastically prolific creator… when we asked him to select “some of his best” for our library, he sent us nearly 200 songs of varying lengths, totaling over 38 hours of music.

Tonight I’ll play a selection of some of my faves from that huge donation, in honor of my curating it and placing a big chunk on our servers to go into regular rotation in the near future. I may or may not squeeze in a live performance as well, depending on timing.

Please join us at our new time, 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PT, in Slack or SL, or just listen along.

NOTE: for our European listeners, the US doesn’t change times until this coming weekend, so apologies for schedules shifting around a bit this week — and US listeners should note that Around The Campfire and Edison’s Electronic Review will be an hour EARLIER than usual in our time zones. (I hope I got that right.)

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