On tonight’s Meander, I wrap up my months-long journey through the great new music and new artists we’ve had join the RadioSpiral family in the year 2020. There’s lots of great new music already in the pipeline as 2021 begins, but let’s make sure these artists don’t go by unnoticed!

We’ll open with tracks from the beautiful album Igneous by new RS arrival Colin Rayment. This is melodic, pulsing, beautiful music that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. In the second hour, we’ll touch on some new drone-related offerings from new and familiar names: Joe Olnick, Larry Gaab, Fainting Lessons, and Another Neglected Hobby.

Depending on many circumstances, there may be a Live Ambient Rant at the end of the program, but even if not, we’ve got two hours of beautiful and absorbing music lined up. Join us in Slack, on Second Life, or just listen in, as we savor the last of the 2020 wine starting at 9/8/7/6 PM. Drink up!

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