On tonight’s Meander, we take another listen to the music of Maurice Gallagher, aka grüm~pé. His newest album, The Danger In Dreams, is a collection of oldies-but-goodies from his early catalog, plus at least one remix/edit and one brand-new track. In our first hour, we’ll showcase the old and the new from this excellent slab of Berlin School in a Scottish style.

In our second hour, I will play a Live Ambient Rant, my first attempt to do such a thing since my studio came apart. It’s based on the framework for a new track that I recently recorded, called “The Machinery Of Laughter.” We’ll get to see how well I can reproduce my first runthrough (and hopefully improve on it). The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PST, and even if you can’t join us in Slack or Second Life, I hope you’ll listen in.

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