Our first program on drifty and meditative music with a space theme was a huge success — so much so that we’re following that up with even more sonic journeys into outer space. Right now it’s looking like there could be as many of five of these shows, with a couple having special subthemes. Beats and sequencers will probably creep in here and there — I mean, this IS Meander we’re talking about — but I’m digging the mood here, and apparently a lot of y’all are too.

So! Come join us to listen to and discuss beautiful music by Giles Reaves, Dweller At The Threshold, Syndromeda, Alex Ring Gray, Plexus, Alpha Wave Movement, Mingo, Breaking Light, Palancar, Susperia-Electrica, Mystified, E L Y S I U M, and grum~pe, with a bit of a Live Ambient Rant in there too. (How much is a ‘bit’? That depends… if it really takes off and inspires, we might have to move the whole second half of the show to next week! But we’ll see.)

We’ll be in Slack chat and in Second Life (watching the starry night from our split-level treehouse), and if you’d like to join us there, you’re more than welcome. Otherwise, just kick back and listen… the show starts at 9/8/7/6 PM. Time to get spaced!

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