On tonight’s Meander, we begin a look at Space Drift.

What is Space Drift? Hell, I have no idea, but I know it when I hear it.

Beautiful expanses, long evolutions, maybe the merest hint of a sequencer… a lot of folks do it, and tonight I’d like to start honoring the ones who do it really well by a quick musical shout out. No clue how long this series will go (I have at least enough material for three shows), but while I’m in the mood, let’s get spacy!

Tonight’s show includes music by Robert Rich, Altus, Simon Wilkinson, Jim Ottaway, Ma Ja Le, SPACECRAFT, Cousin Silas, Max Corbacho, Brother Saturn, Xeroid Entity, Susperia-Electrica, Phillip Wilkerson, Phobium, Breaking Light, and maybe a little drifty Live Ambient microRant as well. Please join us in Second Life, Slack, or just listening in, as we drift and dream together.

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