Solitude is something that we’ve all gotten used to (or tried to, anyway) over the last few months. For some, it’s a relief to be away from the chatter and clatter of life as usual; for others, it’s a deafening void that is to be suffered through rather than enjoyed. It’s certainly a topic that everyone’s getting sick of talking about, so tonight’s Meander will bring a quick look at “solitude” in our library of ambient music, before I move back onto frivolous show topics like “put together a show where every artist’s first name starts with the same letter” or whatever…

Tonight, I’ll feature meditative and lovely tracks about solitude from David Gerard, Robert Rich, Skoddie, Tony Gerber, Bing Satellites, Shane Morris, and Sequentia Legenda… plus a solitary Live Ambient Rant at the top of the second hour.

Of course, you’re always welcome to listen to RadioSpiral in solitude, but if you’d prefer some online company while you do, we’d love to see you in Slack chat, or in our cozy and welcoming treehouse in Second Life’s RadioSpiral HQ. Alone or not alone, come contemplate being alone with us.

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