Tonight on Meander: Road Movie To Berlin, Part 4

My gosh, where did July go? We’ve had a lot of fun bringing you a month of Meanders focused on Berlin School music, but before we say goodbye, here’s one more show to make you smile.

In our first hour, we bring you a huge chunk of the very cool live album Beyond L-Dopa featuring our dear friend and certifiable nutcase Paul Nagle. In the second hour, we have a wide variety of individual tracks from artists who dabble in things Berlinish here and there, including Laura Woodswalker, Palancar (Darrell Burgan), Jim Ottaway, Fred Becker, and Sequential Dreams (Ron Charron aka Kuutana)… plus two tracks from Different Skies, one deliberately “bent-Berlin” composition and one that just kinda happened by accident. Oh, and maybe a Berlin Live Ambient Rant, too, if the sequencers, analog delays, Mellotrons, and modulars are behaving themselves…

Help us wrap up the month in Slack chat, Second Life, or just tune in for the tunes. We kick off at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT on See you then!