Sequencers! Modular synthesizers! Sequencers! Mellotrons! Sequencers! Textural guitar parts! Sequencers! Carefully timed ping pong delays! SEQUENCERS! It’s Berlin School Month on Meander, and this week we bring you two more phenomenal artists who have no trouble rolling up their sleeves and getting Teutonic.

In our first hour, we travel to Belgium to immerse ourselves in the glory that is Syndromeda. Danny Budts brings us some phenomenal Berlin-inspired tunage from his album In Touch With The Stars. Then it’s back to the USA for a heart-on-sleeve tribute to Klaus Schulze, the riveting Traveling Beyond by Victor Rivkin and Michael Jobborn aka Head Joint.

Please join us in Slack chat, Second Life, or just listen along; the fun begins at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT on

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