Tonight on Meander, we recognize Memorial Day here in the USA, and honor those who have fallen in defense of our country and its ideals. (We’ll wait until Veterans’ Day in November to honor those musicians in the RadioSpiral family who have served this country and given much for it.)

Join us for an hour of songs celebrating the strength memory and the healing power of solace — by Scott Lawlor, Chris Russell, Christopher Alvarado, Robert Dorschel, EugeneKha, Erik Wøllo, Numina, and The Lovely Moon.

In our second hour, we honor our own fallen: those members of our community who have left us in body while their music remains to warm our hearts. We’ll play the music of Oophoi (with Paul Vnuk Jr.), Kevin Fletcher Tweedy, Lucette Bourdin, Lily Pond Orchestra (Douglas JP Lee), Killer Haven (Kevin Haller), Wolfgang Gsell, and Slate (Jonathan Mills).

Please join us for music of reflection, sadness, loss, and hope. As per usual, we start at 8/7/6/5 PM.

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