The RadioSpiral team had a fabulous time at Second Life SciFi Con 12, which officially ended yesterday afternoon. The Con raised several thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life charity campaign, and we were a proud part of that.

During the Con, I did a lot of playing live. I mean, a lot. I played two one-hour sets on the Concert Stage, at least two solo sets and one duet in our Booth… and unbeknownst to almost everyone in the RadioSpiral family, I got asked to cover for a DJ who dropped out of doing a stint at the end-of-Con Gala that started immediately after Tony Gerber finished his very successful show (big thanks to Paul Harriman and Diana Smethurst, whose sets earlier in the week were very well received, and Allen Goodman, who played a live set in the Booth as well).

So: thinking the Con (and my responsibilities) were done with, I had shut off my studio, kicked back and had a cider or two… and then I had to fire everything back up and prep a one-hour improvised set on less than an hour’s notice… and halfway into that set, I got word that the DJ for the third hour had bailed too, and I had to play for two hours, not one.

So: I did, and I recorded it. I have no idea if the recording is any good and I am looking forward to hearing it again, but I was bummed that aside from the small but enthusiastic crowd at the Gala, no one in our usual audience got to hear the music.

So: tonight I’m playing it back, warts and all. A two-hour live show with no breaks and all the clams and false starts and live stumbles intact. I will probably extract some good sections from it as shorter pieces, but this will be the first and last time anyone will hear the entire performance. So please join me and thrill to that extra-special combination of alcohol, adrenaline, seltzer, and enough sugary junk food to restart a stopped clock…

The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. Listen, chat in Slack, join me in Second Life, but wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this very honest, raw, and fun performance.