On today’s Meander, we return to the music of David Gerard, with selections from a number of his albums that are new to the RadioSpiral library. In our second hour, I’ll be doing another Live Ambient Rant, this time with all the equipment that I couldn’t get to come online last week. 🙂

My original plan for the second half of tonight’s show was to do a concert using the NINJAM online collaboration software, which allows two or more musicians separated by many miles to play together in sync (it’s not cheating the laws of physics, it’s cheating the laws of music). If I can get some folks together, we’ll give it a shot, and if I can’t, I’ll play solo. Show up at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT and join the fun, whether listening or joining us in Slack or Second Life!

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