I discovered Morandi Experiment while researching Irish ambient artists for my St. Patrick’s Day show last month. I didn’t have time during that set to play much music by this Dublin-based group of musicians/DJs, but I downloaded a bunch of it that’s out there under Creative Commons and really enjoyed what I heard. We have added to our library a couple of longform remixes the band did of other ambient artists, but tonight we’ll focus on the Experiment’s original material.

In the first hour, we’ll hear the album Unknown Progressions from the KOSMO netlabel, and in the second hour there will be a collection of singles and the Spirits Inside EP released on the Jamendo netlabel. In between those two sets, I will play a Live Ambient slantRant, something miniaturized and tasty based around my small fits-on-a-copy-shelf rig. (There will be no YouTube livestream tonight, as the slantRant will be less than half an hour long — way too short to justify the effort. Another time soon, I promise…)

We’ll be in Slack chat as usual, and in Second Life if the virtual world’s current login and server-connection stability problems are solved by the Linden Lab technoboffins by showtime. The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT, and whether chatting, being virtual, or just listening, I hope you can join me!