“Varus, Varus! Give me back my legions!”—Augustus Caesar, ca. 9 CE

With a head that aches severely
And with weeping nose and eye,
I lie helplessly prostrated at full length…
And like old Augustus (nearly)
I beat my breast and cry,
“Virus, virus! Give me back my strength!”—Piet Hein, ca. 1956 CE


Tonight’s Meander may not happen, or it might. I am still recovering from a truly nasty cold, and it’s a tossup whether I’ll have the strength to sit down at the computer for two hours this evening.

If I do, I’ll be playing a random selection of extremely chilled longform drones of a sort rarely heard on my normally-beaty program, or perhaps an extremely chilled longform live improvised slantRant.

If I don’t, then I’ll humbly crave your pardon, and see you all next week.

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