Tonight on Meander: The Limbo Folder (David Herpich aka Emerald Adrift and Mike Metlay aka Mr. Spiral) will attempt to perform live from a speeding train somewhere in the American Midwest. Despite overly friendly drunks needing to be restrained by the conductors, yammering vacationers, and a crapton of very nice Amish people everywhere, we are set up and ready to go… the one weak link is our Internet connection, which is very sporadic. No idea how long we’ll play or how often the stream will drop, but hey, that’s live radio on moving vehicles for you!

We are working on compositions and trying ideas, so there will be stops and starts, and there will be no voiceover or chat presence as we play, but hopefully you’ll like what you hear. (Free hint: Irrlicht.) We’re starting very soon, much earlier than usual, so tune in – and wish us luck!