2020, the biggest flaming dumpster pushed into the path of a schoolbus and forcing it to stop on the tracks just as a train loaded with explosives and nuclear waste is about to pass through, is almost over. To celebrate its passing, here’s my last Meander of the year (next week is a live show for ElectroZone, details to come). It’s our annual Holiday Music Special.

This year, we have the glorious music of Dan Phillips, whose compositions combine note-perfect reproductions of synthpop hits (with nary an original sample to be had!) with lyrics of holiday songs. Naturally we’ll feature tracks from Let Nothing You Dismay, the huge ever growing pulsating collection of holiday “music” from the many creative faces (and other body parts) of Tim Walters. And as a special treat, we’re playing the newest album from Jim Combs and Sensitive Chaos, The Little Drum Machine Boy.

Come visit us at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PST – in Slack chat or in Second Life, where we’ll be collapsed on old leather couches around the pot-bellied stove in the Saloon… or just listen at home if you prefer. Crack open something alcoholic, toast the coming year (since the previous one can go back to Hell where it came from), and get ready to dance, laugh, and be left scratching your head (or other body parts).