On tonight’s Meander, we’re going to be dancing. Deal with it.

Since RadioSpiral’s definition of “ambient electronica” is pretty wide, we do like to mix some beats into our ambience now and then, but I try to be pretty careful when curating those tracks so as to not have them be too jarring when they pop up in one of Spud’s playlists. Light, smooth, and downtempo does the trick.

The UK-based dance project kalabi has a very large catalog of music from the lightly bouncy to the heavy-duty bangin’, all produced with vigor and a lighthearted touch. In our first hour, we’ll feature selections from the various albums provided to us by this worthy purveyor of bodily motion stimulus.

In our second hour (after a small Live Ambient microRant if time permits), we’re going to hear from a kalabi-associated project whose music, while too intense for Spud, is eminently groovulatious: the awesomely-named Quackpipe, whose album Quacks from the Pipe will be played in its entirety for your chair-bumping pleasure. (Listen for the Beatles reference.)

Come one, come all, leave dancing – in Slack chat, on the beach boardwalk in Second Life, or just listening in. Some of this stuff won’t be aired again except on hosted shows, so you’re not going to want to miss it. See you soon!

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