Martes Flavigula is the Latin name for the yellow-throated marten or kharza. Flavigula is also the musical project of Bob Murry Shelton, currently living in Spain and creating music that ranges from the deeply contemplative to the just plain weird. The music of Flavigula heavily features loops, noise, and processed guitar, creating longform soundscapes and tiny bites of mechanized crunch alike.

Tonight, we celebrate the addition of the Flavigula catalog to our library with a 2-hour special dedicated to Flavigula’s music. We’ll feature music from many of the releases we’re feeding to Spud, and as a special feature, I’ll play some tracks that Spud won’t be getting… usually because they have song lyrics or long voice passages that casual listeners might find distracting.

Join us at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PST to hear, as Bob himself calls it, “the creations of a small, vicious animal.” See you soon!