On this week’s Meander, we continue our survey of the new music that’s come our way in recent months and that will be soon added to the extensive library of Spud, our faithful playlist robot. Up on display this time around: Escape Velocity, the solo project of Ron Holmes from central Pennsylvania, USA.

Ron has played live on radio shows and at electronic music festivals in the Northeastern US for several years now, and releases his music on Bandcamp as individual tracks (some longplayers included) rather than as collected albums. This is hardcore old-school space music right here, with detuned analog synths, bubbling sequencers, forays into sci-fi noises, and a deep and absorbing atmosphere. Good stuff, and I’ll bring you a nice selection of it this evening.

There will also be a Live Ambient Rant in the second hour. I’m not sure if I’ll play for only a little while (in which case I’ll have more Escape Velocity lined up) or if I’ll stretch out a bit… all I know is that I’ll probably going for a spacey vibe similar to Ron’s, albeit with a lot less wobbling voltage and a lot more ones and zeroes (in carefully chosen fonts – it does make a difference to the sound, you realize).

We get started at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT tonight. Listen in, chat on Slack, or join us in Second Life – tonight we’re in the Entryway Café, since the sim holodeck is shut down for Diana Smethurst to complete the construction of the accursed and trap-laden tomb of Pharaoh Nuff. Mark your calendars for our annual Halloween Live Festival, which will broadcast starting at 3/2/1/12 PM on Saturday, October 31, with a growing roster of musicians playing well into the evening.

One final note: Tomorrow we move into a booth at the American Cancer Society Relay For Life Sci-Fi Expo, where we will play live and host shows until October 28 to raise money for cancer research. All our regular programming will be in place, so we hope you’ll join us there.

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