No, tonight’s program isn’t dedicated to Second Life RadioSpiral superfan Ainia DaFente, although we should do one of those eventually. Tonight, we begin a multi-week (probably multi-month) listen to some of the many fabulous artists we’ve added to our huge ever growing pulsating library that rules from the center of the Spiralverse, and our first feature is Ajnia.

Ajnia is the brainchild of musician and graphic artist Javier Gómez, also known as ‘elpirri’. His Bandcamp page tells a short version of his story: “Ajnia es un proyecto dedicado a crear músicas y ambientes sonoros para sumergirse en ellos y dejarse llevar muy lejos. El objetivo es hacer música, no para bailar… sino para viajar.” Which, in very rough translation, means: “Ajnia is a project dedicated to creating music and sound environments that let you immerse yourself in them abd be carried far away. The goal is to make music, not to dance … but to travel.” Not a bad aim, and the music is really lovely!

There will be a Live Ambient microRant at the top of the second hour, and depending on how inspired I get, the show may run a little long. (Calamity and woe.)

Come join us at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. You can listen at home with or without joining us in Slack chat or in Second Life (we’re in the ground floor café this week). I owe you a program, Ainia, but until then, enjoy Ajnia!

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