Tonight on Meander, we return once more to mine the beauties of The Silent Ballet, the 16-volume compilation of eclectic music from the Lost Children netlabel. These are fascinating mixtures of everything from drone noise to harshcore, with lots of really beautiful stuff in between the extremes. We wrap up our trilogy with Volumes 12-16, which include music from RadioSpiral faves like Orange Crush, Aquarelle, The Porcelain Sea, and Lights Under Water, as well as many artists who will be new to many listeners. At the start of the second hour, a Live Ambient slantRant will sneak in as well. The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM!

Also, some very important news:

We’d also like to call attention at this time to the 12th annual Second Life SciFi Con that will begin on Friday, May 15, and run until Sunday, May 24. It’s a huge gathering in the virtual world, with great events, lots of cool booths, and all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

Gypsy has built a gorgeous booth for the station in the Atompunk-themed Tomorrowland sim, with its own 24/7 RadioSpiral music feed, as well as a floating event stage that will be home to our shows and live ambient raids for ten days. Most of our usual shows will be broadcasting at their usual times, with a few important exceptions…

We will be taking the Main Stage at the Con for five concerts that will be simulcast on RadioSpiral so you won’t miss a note. Mark your calendars for (all times SLT = Pacific Time):

Friday May 15 at 2 PM: skr0!nK (Rebekkah Hilgraves)

Tuesday May 19 at 7 PM: Mr. Spiral (Mike Metlay)

20 May (Wednesday) 7PM SLT – Gypsy Witch (Diana Smethurst)

22 May (Friday) 2PM SLT – EdisonRex (Paul Harriman)

24 May (Sunday) 7PM SLT – Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber)

Note that all three of the evening shows are replacing our usual programming, and will start one hour later than they normally would on our regular schedule. We hope to see you all there — it’s going to be spaceriffic!

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