We know, we know… it’s not “pure” ambient if it has a beat. You know what? Who cares! Beatzilla doesn’t care! Look at her! She’s feeling it, man!

Tonight’s show is a celebration of modern and retro takes on adding a beat to electronic music, whether it’s oddball experimentation, callbacks to traditional styles like jazz or reggae, or the deeply-mined depths of tribal and ethnic percussion sounds.

Tune in to hear music by Marc Atmost, M.NOMIZED, The Silver Wizard, Sayana, Chromadrift, Paul Nagle, Tantroniq, Boogie Belgique, Mike Andrews, EugeneKha, Mystified, Sensitive Chaos, Mr. Spiral, Mingo, Paul Vnuk Jr., Robert Rich, and Ozone Player… along with the world premiere of the show’s new theme. Join me in Slack chat, on Second Life, or just listen to the tunes, but be prepared to tap a toe or two!

The fun begins at 8/7/6/5 PM E/C/M/PDT. See you then.