David Gerard has been making electronic music for quite a long time, with over a dozen releases available on Bandcamp. He’s a new addition to the RadioSpiral family (at least in comparison to some of our stalwarts), one that our audience doesn’t know nearly well enough, as far as I’m concerned. So tonight, in the first hour of our show, we will begin a 2-part introduction to David’s music with tracks from his remaster of The Light Album and his contributions to various RadioSpiral compilations.

In our second hour, I will be playing a Live Ambient Rant, one of those mysterious and unpredictable hour-long improvs that might go anywhere and everywhere. While I know better than to set up a webcam and let people see my very messy studio, my online performance in Second Life is a lot of fun to watch — let’s face it, my avatar Spiral Sands is a lot more photogenic than I am! So, in addition to Second Life and Slack chat, the second hour of tonight’s show will be simulcast live on YouTube thanks to the efforts of Diana Smethurst aka Gypsy Witch. This link won’t go live until right before I start to play, but have it handy if you’d like to join us, watch, listen, and chat on the YouTube page: https://youtube.com/c/GypsyWitchRocks/live

The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT tonight. Join us for an hour of David’s absorbing and powerful music, and for an hour of something strange and chaotic, never to be heard again….