Last Saturday night, Gypsy Witch and Mr. Spiral were hired to play a 3-hour live set at Tython, a Star Wars-themed role playing setting in Second Life, to celebrate the opening of the revamped area (which is, by the way, absolutely gorgeous). Because we weren’t allowed to invite people virtually to the party venue, we broadcast the show live as a sort of “airwave raid” with minimal advance advertising. Tonight we’ll bring you the second and third sets of the evening for two hours of (only slightly cleaned-up) live music. Part 1, a solo set by Gypsy, will be played by her (or not) on her show at her discretion.

The first set of tonight will be part 2 of the concert: Chance Meeting, a duet between Diana and Mike. This is done by Diana playing live in the UK and sending her stream to Mike in the US, who listens to it, adds appropriate material, and relays it to the audience. This collaboration method has interesting effects… Mike has very little ability to cue Diana for changes and so must rely completely on what she plays and react to it in the moment, and Diana has no way to hear what Mike is adding to her performance and only gets to hear the result after the show is over, when Mike shares the recording with her.

The show rounds out with part 3: Mr. Spiral playing solo. This is unquestionably one of the weirdest live sets Mike has ever done… this late in the evening, a good chunk of the audience had left, with only a few enthusiastic stalwarts remaining… so Mike decided to just do whatever the hell he felt like. It’s loud, sloppy. very danceable in most places, raw as f*ck, and a total blast. Enough people who missed the show have asked for a rerun, so he’s doing that tonight. At one point, Mike gets bored and just starts telling a Star Wars story, making it up as he goes along, and sets it to music on the fly, which apparently the audience really enjoyed. Go figure.

The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. Join us in Slack, at our booth at the Second Life 17th Birthday Celebration, or just listen in on — but if you want to hear this stuff raw and as it was presented, this will be your only chance.

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