Tonight, Meander returns to the concept of isolation with more tracks on the subject from some of our favorite artists. Tune into the show at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT to hear music by Cousin Silas, ontol, Scott Lawlor, Christopher Alvarado, and Brother Saturn. I will follow that programming with an isolation themed Live Ambient Rant, very drifty and relaxed, in the spirit of calm repose and isolation as a form of peace. There will be other times for dance beats, but not tonight.

I have one more show on the subject for the future (on the topic of solitude), but that will have to wait a while. Next week’s show, and the two after that, will be broadcast from the Second Life 17th Birthday Celebration, the largest get-together in the virtual world. Think of a virtual World’s Fair, with booths and displays from all over — with none of the architecture limited by the laws of physics — being visited and enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors over the span of three weeks. We won’t be appearing on the main stage as we did at SciFi Con last month, but we will do all or nearly all of our shows in our booth, and some live raids there as well. Come see us… and on my shows, you’ll hear music by the many artists in the RadioSpiral library who have a Second Life presence (even if it’s one that hasn’t been used in a while). There’s more than enough to fill three shows, and I think you’ll all be surprised by who’s on the list… but that’s for next week.

Be prepared to enjoy the peace of isolation tonight. We’ll see you in Second Life or Slack, or you can choose to listen quietly in isolation… I promise I won’t mind.