This week, the Second Life 17th Birthday Celebration wraps up after nearly a month of awesome displays and thousands of virtual visitors. We’ve had a great time manning the RadioSpiral booth, a stylized version of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, and hosting all kinds of live shows and programs there. Tonight, Meander kicks off the last week of SL17B with the second of my two shows featuring the music of artists in the RadioSpiral library who have or had a presence in Second Life since its inception 17 years ago.

Tonight we’ll feature the more upbeat and melodic/rhythmic side of things in contrast to last week’s focus on dreaming and drift. Artists will include Second Life avatars Altus Homewood (Michael Carss aka Altus), Moopf Murray (Gareth Lancaster aka Pamplemousse), Kuutana (aka The Color Of Sleep and many other projects), Tonalchemy (Daniel Robert Lahey), Vaerna6 (Helen Mutzner aka VÆRNA), AldoManutio Abruzzo (Dennis Moser aka usr/sbin), a couple of folks whose avatar names escape me (Drew Miller aka Brother Saturn, Head Joint), and of course RadioSpiral staff like Professor Blackmountain (Darrell Burgan aka Palancar), Cypress Rosewood (Tony Gerber), Gypsy Witch (Diana Smethurst), and Spiral Sands (yrs trly).

There will also be a brief Live Ambient microRant at the top of the second hour, time permitting.

Come help us celebrate the successful conclusion of a brilliant SL17B, whether in Slack chat, in our SL17B booth, or just tuning in and listening. Great music, great friends, a great time.

(Oh, and while I’m thinking about it: no Meander on July 14, but I’ll be back in two weeks. Stay safe and well until then!)

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